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Welcome to the Marriage Made EZ Website

A Message from Pastor Mike and Dr. DeeDee


It is our sole intention to use our tour throughout the US and this website as a vehicle of God's purpose to improve marriages globally. We believe that marriage is a covenant partnership that is designed to last forever.

In today's society, marriage is seriously at risk and we have declared war on divorce. So, we are helping couples across the world define, understand, and soar in marriage through the Marriage Made EZ ministry, using God's Word to pass on a legacy of commitment and mentorship for generations to come.

It is our desire that marriages are strong, families are united, and couples are walking in the divine wisdom of God concerning marriage.

This ministry is for couples who are intending to be married, married, separated or recently divorced. This ministry transcends denominational barriers and we fully expect it to bring restoration to the institution of marriage and show the world what God intended it to be - a real life example of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Dr. Mike & DeeDee Freeman

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Marriage Made EZ Magazine - Spring Edition

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Volume III Issue III

Cover Story: 4 Steps to a Satisfying Marriage
Marriage should be easy. What is the weakest link in your marriage? Is there one area in your relationship that consistently produces stress? The old saying that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link holds true in relationships. to If marriage is creat- ed from the will of God, and the devil is seeking to steal, kill and destroy all of the good things created by God, then you must believe that your weaknesses will be tested. The devil will aim for the smallest of cracks in your armor.

Features In This Issue:
2012 Stand Strong On Truth
Pursuing Together The Importance of Covenant
The Importance of Applying Wisdom in Your Relationship
What Will You Do When God Calls?

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Mon-Fri - 8:30am - The Word Network

Sundays - 8:30am - KAZQ TV 32/KTVS 36

Sundays 11:30pm - WBFF FOX 45

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